is the Chinese character [gong hui] meaning "trade union."

In the original 16 red transparencies exhibited as "fine art" behind the transparent green barcodes, the zhi figures wear flags on their hats. The productivity (zhi/pin) estimates entered in the text are approximately the same for domestic and foreign workers 01/01/00, but the subsistence labor time (cost of daily meal/hourly wage) estimate is much shorter at home than abroad.

At year 01/01/03 the productivity estimates are still about the same, the subsistence labor time has dropped a small amount abroad but risen drastically at home. "NA" meaning "not available" or "not applicable" is entered by the [gong hui] or trade union icon.

At the opening of the International Behind the Barcode Exhibition, trade unionists corrected the artist's text. They wrote the logos of their unions in and changed the other entries to indicate that international links between trade unions at home and abroad will raise the productivity in both places and continue reducing the working time required to purchase one's daily bread at home and abroad.

up Zi, the translation is "capital fund." We added the sanskrit symbol for [ong] meaning "peace" and other goodnesses which appears to have wormed its way into "capital fund" from below. The small caligraphy strokes flying off the roof of the character appear to be dollar, peso, yen, euro, and pound symbols.

When one looks in an English-Chinese dictionary for "corporation," one finds something like this character, phonetically pronounced as [zi] When one looks